Special Event Photo Booth

Cheerful couple having fun, making photos together, laughing, touching each other. Young people in love spend time together. Happy couple posing in Photo Booth. Colorful youth

A photo booth is a great addition to any special event.  Don’t plan a boring event that will cause everyone to bolt for the door.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Hire a photo booth for your next event.  You can customize the experience any way you like.  Black & white or color photographs are your prerogative.  Our machines are technologically advanced and can be programmed to meet your needs.  Select music to set the mood.  If you want people to turn up, rock, trap or hip hop might do.  Jazz or classical music are the perfect complement for elevated events.

Mobile Photo Booth

We come where ever you are.  That’s the beauty of a mobile photo booth.  Choose from open air or enclosed.  Our special event photo booths are perfect for any outdoor or indoor venue.  The set up and disassemble process is quick and easy.  In less than 15 minutes the photo booth is erected and ready for fun. We can assure you that there will not be any disruption to your event or damage to your floors, corners and walls.  One attendant is required for the entire process – from beginning to end.  The cost of the attendant is included within the fee.

Purchase a Photo Booth

If you tend to have multiple special events annually, consider purchasing a photo booth.  Once people experience a photo booth at one of your events, they will come to expect it every time.  Keep your guests happy with an evolving photo booth.  When used properly, technology can be used to upgrade the photo booth experience again and again.  Change the music and customized themes.  During one event, give your guests classic black & white photos and at another, color.  Our machines even give them the option to select the color of their choice.  Photo booth purchases are affordable and a fun way to invest in your future.

The Price is Right

You may think that a photo booth rental is out of your price range.  Try us – we think that you will be surprised.  We offer a lot for a little.  You will find that an elaborate photo booth complete with all the features is completely do-able.  We wouldn’t be Lancaster’s number one photo booth company if it weren’t.  If you check out our Yelp reviews, you will find countless reviews touting our affordable pricing.  Clients are happy when their guests have a great time and the clean-up is minimal.  There isn’t one soul on the planet that hates photo booths and the disassemble and pack-up time is minimal.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Events

One of the reasons why photo booths are so popular at special events is because they are great for both indoor and outdoor venues.  We’ve done outdoor rustic farm weddings and conferences at the convention center.  They are small enough to fit perfectly in a modest sized bar, yet can garner attention in a huge ballroom.  If photo booths were a food, they’d be a pretzel – completely flexible.  We hope that made you smile.  That’s what were are here for and that is the sole reason why photo booths were invented – to put a smile on your face.